Tamara Langstroth – Ambient Health Services, Norton, NB

November 14th – April 11th, 2023
The Duration of this Course for the PSW is 6 months ( Filled with assignments, emails, printable & downloadable information, researching and reading ). For me, I opted to complete in 5 months & Vickers Distance Education was very obliging to my request and work schedule.
 I put in the effort, studied and reviewed almost nightly to ensure I was retaining all pertinent information.
 This is an online self-directed course which covered many chapters of studies .  The text book I was given through my Employer, and the Province of New Brunswick, was the Sorrento’ PSW text book.
 I wanted to share my experience with this online local Education Centre, located in Saint John.
 The instructor was easily accessible, able to respond via email in a timely manner, or prompt reply by calling Vickers Distant Education directly.
 The Course covers many topics, many chapters and New Brunswick’s ARF /SCH information, Canadian Charter of Rights and scope of practice for PSW.
There is some time spent in classroom for hands on practical.
 I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course with the Instructor, Elizabeth Vickers and will follow up with other courses that may be available through her.
It is never too late to learn !
Be a better You everyday… YOU Got this !
A sincere Thank you to Instructor/Operator , Elizabeth Vickers for offering a well rounded & highly informative PSW course.
 VDE student graduate of April 11th, 2023.
Ms. Tamara Langstroth.

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