At Vickers Distance Education, we take pride in offering high-quality online education programs that are designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our students come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and our courses are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied students:

Vickers' March 26th, 2024's workshops in Quispamsis, N.B.

Back row: Ricky Otis (Charlotte County Home Care), Linda Stuart (Charlotte County Home Care), Kim Smith (Ambient Health Services), and Miranda Mckay (Dow Quality Health Care - Sussex).

2nd row: Morgan Cooke (Charlotte County Home Care), Amanda Henderson (Ambient Health Services), and Dinah Penner (Ambient Health Services).

Seated, Elizabeth Vickers, Owner Vickers Distance Education,

Thanks for making it a great day, everyone 🙂



Miranda Mackay, Dow Quality Health Care - Sussex.

Was a great workshop. There was a lot of knowledge put out there from different experiences. I really enjoyed how friendly and comfortable it is made out to be. Also enjoyed how Janet got everyone involved as a whole group. Wouldn’t change anything about it. Thanks!


Amanda Henderson, Ambient Health Services

Thank you so much. Loved it too it was a great course would change nothing about it.

Amanda Henderson (Ambient Health Services) with her PSW Certificate, March 26th, 2024 - Quispamsis, N.B.

Congratulations, Amanda; I feel better about the health care field just knowing you're in it.


Vickers' March 27th, 2024's workshops in Quispamsis, N.B.

Shweta Patel (Birchmount Lodge), Jessica Bedell (Ambient Health Services), Katherine Blanchard (Ridgeview Manor), Janet Russell (Instructor), Dinah Penner (Ambient Health Services), and Jessica Jonah, (Ambient Health Services).

Thanks for making it a great day !


Little Acre Community Residence had four employees attend the June 22nd, 2023 workshops in Quispamsis: Kenia Martin Plasencia, Ronna Marie Luz Aldover, (Elizabeth Vickers), Yisset Nuñez de Campone, and Judy MacFarlane.

Kenia, Ronna, and Yisset received their PSW Certificates, and Judy is right behind them !

Danushka Armadura (Sunset Village in Moncton), Janet Russell - Instructor, Courtney Silverthorn (L.J. Residence in Moncton), Rachel Brooks (Dow Quality Health Care - Moncton), Angela Manuel (Dobbelsteyn Care Homes in Saint John), Kennedy Watson (Sea Street Manor in Saint John), Elizabeth Vickers, and Annabelle Salvador (Dobbelsteyn Care Homes in Saint John), at the June 21st, 2023, workshops in Quispamsis, N.B.

Elizabeth Vickers and Katie MacDonald
(Ambient Health Services, NB)
June 22, 2023 workshops in Quispamsis, NB

Hi Elizabeth,

Today was a great day. A lot of information but not overwhelming. Janet spoke to us in simple terms with plenty of explanations that we could bring into everyday life. The small group made it very personable and it was easy to share.

Thank you both for today.


June 22, 2023

Ronna Marie Luz Aldover and Elizabeth Vickers
(Little Acres Community Residence, NB)
June 22, 2023 workshops in Quispamsis, NB

Good day Elizabeth!

I honestly read your email not once, I was contemplating on what to say, to find the right words..sorry it took a while for me to reply.. but in the end its still, you made my ❤️smile… and my eyes teary hehe. Thank you so much for your generous compliment, Indeed that is the highest compliment any PSW worker could get and coming from you where you know this things by heart..means a lot to me. I stand by what I said given the opportunity I would gladly do it..

I was stressed but I enjoyed your course and learned a lot.. made me a better worker and person.. I do love what I do.

And your compliments helps me try to do better.

Looking forward to seeing you in person.


June 22, 2023

May 5, 2023

Christina Gray, PSW

Bay Care Residential Facility, Saint John, NB

Tanya Doiron
(Dow Quality Health Care, NB)
June 21, 2023 Sussex, NB

Thank you so much Elizabeth – I really appreciate the kind words, sometimes it’s the little things that we need to hear to give us an extra push and know that we are worth something and doing good.

I take my job very seriously, this course as well very seriously… they say “Hard work does pay off “

Some evening I get so tired and don’t want to study, then I think of all the clients that need me and that keeps me going lol


June 21, 2023

Tamara Langstroth
(Ambient Health Services, Norton, NB)
April 11, 2023 Norton, NB

The Duration of this Course for the PSW is 6 months (filled with assignments, emails, printable & downloadable information, researching and reading ). For me, I opted to complete in 5 months & Vickers Distance Education was very obliging to my request and work schedule.

I put in the effort, studied and reviewed almost nightly to ensure I was retaining all pertinent information.

This is an online self-directed course which covered many chapters of studies. The text book I was given through my Employer, and the Province of New Brunswick, was the Sorrento’ PSW text book.

I wanted to share my experience with this online local Education Centre, located in Saint John.

The instructor was easily accessible, able to respond via email in a timely manner, or prompt reply by calling Vickers Distant Education directly.

The Course covers many topics, many chapters and New Brunswick’s ARF /SCH information, Canadian Charter of Rights and scope of practice for PSW.

There is some time spent in classroom for hands on practical.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course with the Instructor, Elizabeth Vickers and will follow up with other courses that may be available through her.

It is never too late to learn!

Be a better You everyday… YOU Got this!

A sincere Thank you to Instructor/Operator , Elizabeth Vickers for offering a well rounded & highly informative PSW course.

Tamara Langstroth, PSW