According to the Department of Social Development’s Standards, continuing education should be an ongoing aspect of Personal Support Worker training:

Standards and Procedures for Adult Residential Facilities (ARF), Department of Social Development, September, 2013, New Brunswick, Canada:

Standard 3.3 Staff Development:

The Operator must:

  • encourage staff and any board members to take part in educational activities, for example, suicide prevention seminars, behaviour management, care requirements for seniors with dementia, the principles of care, occupation health and safety, or any other program that may be beneficial to staff.


Home Support Services Standards, Department of Social Development, 2011, New Brunswick, Canada:

Standard 3.6: Continuing Education:

Service provider agencies must have a continuing education policy for Home Support Services staff that requires, a minimum of two (2) in-service sessions of which one must relate to Body Mechanics for the Home Care Industry. . . .

Examples are: attending conferences or meetings relevant to the home support field: presentations to other Home Support Workers or groups concerning care in the home.

Additional educational programs and distribution of educational materials are encouraged. . . .


In an effort to help Owners and Operators of Adult Residential Facilities, and Home Care Agencies, meet these Department required training Standards, Vickers Distance Education is offering simple, affordable, and accessible options:

At the present moment, Vickers has two books that would qualify as continuing education sessions.

A “Bathing Without A Battle” by  Ann Louise Barrick, PhD

B “Handwashing: Proof and Protocol Workshop”


An Operator/Owner can contact Vickers, and Vickers will lend you the book for a month.

Vickers will also send you a test on the content so you can let your staff read the book, do the test, and then you can do up a continuing education session certificate on a Power Point template Vickers will provide you, at no cost.

If you would like Vickers to do the certificates for you, the cost would be $10/certificate and postage.

So, the cost of this service would only be the postage to cover mailing the book, under $20, and $10/certificate if you would like Vickers to do the certificates.

If you do the certificates yourself, you would only be paying the postage for Vickers to mail you the book, and for you to return it.

I hope you take advantage of this idea, and it helps make your job a little easier.

Elizabeth Vickers

(506) 214-4336